About Thematic Crosswords

History and General Description

Arthur Wynne’s 1913 “word‐cross” puzzle is often called the first crossword puzzle. Today’s crosswords are popular in a wide variety of print and online publications. Crossword creators are called constructors or cruciverbalists (from the Latin for cross and word).

Crosswords will normally have square or rectangular grids of white and shaded squares. The squares in which answers begin are numbered. Crosswords normally have 180‐degree symmetry; the pattern is the same if the grid is turned upside down. Crosswords usually have an odd number of squares on a side, so that there is always a square in the center of the grid. Some crossword clues indicate the structure of the answer, e.g. (3,5) indicates that the answer is composed of a three‐letter word and a five‐letter word.

Normal and Themed Crosswords

General‐content crosswords use any words or terms. Theme crosswords contain some entries that share a common theme; the remaining entries are non‐thematic. Completely thematic crosswords, with every entry relating to the theme, are rare.

The Crossword Guy’s Crosswords

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